Dribbles and Kicks November 2012 Newsletter




November 7, 2012


Hi Everyone


Taking a look around the horn of Section 14:


Congratulations to Region 1531, RC Shelli Bair and her board of directors in Belle Glade Florida for becoming a full fledged charter region.


A full heart felt welcome to Alan Dagen new Regional Commissioner in Region 644, Weston Florida (no take-backs).


Tentatively coming soon in December- Intermediate and Advanced Coaches Courses. Please continue to monitor our section updates (or listen to Ernie Toth) to get dates and times. They will be held at the Weston Regional Park in Weston, Florida


Section Management Director Laura Lietaert and Regional Commissioner of Region 864 Mark Turbessi are excited to announce that the VIP program is back in Key Largo Florida and at the Key Largo School. The program kicked off on Tuesday November 6th at Key Largo School. The kids had a wonderful first training session with the help of their teachers, assistants and physical education teacher. Many goals were scored, accompanied by cheers and smiles.


The AYSO Very Important Players (VIP) Program provides a quality soccer experience for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream

teams. VIP teams may include:


Blind or visually impaired

Amputees or with conditions that impair mobility

Mentally or emotionally challenged


Down syndrome

Cerebral Palsy


For more information on the VIP program or about bringing the VIP program to your school or community please contact Rachel CaballeroForberger at Rachforb@comcast.net


2013 State Games Tournament is right around the corner. Team Declarations and payments are due by December 8, 2012. The tournament is for divisions U10 through U19 and played Saturday January 19, 2013 through Monday January 21, 2013 in Wellington Florida. Rules and Regulations as well as all necessary forms and documents are located on the AYSO Section 14 website www.aysosection14.org





AYSO Region 345/ Okeeheelee Park is running a 5v5 Soccer Tournament on Saturday December 8, 2012 for the boys division and Sunday December 9, 2012 for the girls division. It is an open tournament to all registered players. Entry fee is only $175 per team. Deadline to register is November 24, 2012. For more information email region 345@aol.com or go to www.ayso345.com.




Congratulations to Region 644 in Weston Florida for the tenth anniversary of the AYSO Women’s League and the third anniversary of the Under Men’s 30 league which has 160 participants. A big wow. And of course the over 30 men geezers who have 247 participants. Remember guys you all have to go to work in the morning. And of course Alan Dagen’s old mens league which all you need is an AARP card to join.


A special thank you to our section sponsor Yogurtland for all of their support. Yogurtland has stores in Weston, near Belle Glade and Sunset Park. If you are in the area please come see them and taste the great taste of Yogurt. When you run out, run out to Yogurtland.


A shout out to Region 1370 in Boynton Beach and Regional Commissioner Thomas Nicolakakas, (say that one fast three or four times) lol, for the piece on the VIP program on Newschannel 5 WPTV in Palm Beach County. Thomas, it was a three minute piece, did you have to be on for half of it? Only kidding. Great job to you and Boynton Beach, well deserved.


If you have any item that you believe should be recognized by our section and announced to the world, please send it to me at Richardmschwartz917@gmail.com. I will take submissions up until each month’s end (or until I have enough to fill a page). This is designed to be informative but also with a touch or fun. For Fun is Good and with a touch of creativity and passion will yield a successful organization.


And finally, on behalf of the entire section 14, I want to thank Wendy Smith for all of the work that she has done to lay the groundwork and lead this Section for the last 11 plus years. It is a true honor to take the baton from you for it is always the first leg of any race that is of most importance. You can’t win a race in the first 100 yards but you sure can lose it. You have given us the foundation and vision to succeed and your legacy will forever be part of the fabric of all of us.


So Long From The Sunshine State

Richard Schwartz

Section Director 14

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