2014 National Games Torrance and Riverside California June 29, 2014 Through July 7, 2014

 Let the Games Begin! That's the traditional phrase that has proclaimed the start of the AYSO National Games since its first venue in Irvine, Calif., in 1988. Those words will start off a week-long celebration that brings together AYSO players, volunteers and parents from across our country. The genesis of the National Games is typically AYSO. It started with a good idea and volunteer power pulled it off! 

The Games were the brainchild of Mike Michalski, then Area 1B Director from West Hills, Calif. Michalski had been putting on successful tournaments for California players, coaches, and referees for years. He wanted to share the good times and fun with more players and volunteers. And so he made a proposal that paved the way for the National Games. He gathered together some diligent, dedicated and daring men and women from the volunteer corps and the National Office – a few of them are still involved in AYSO– who would, in the AYSO spirit and tradition, make it happen. 

The opening ceremony, the soccerfest, the sportsmanship medals – they were all there in 1988. Over the years traditions have been added as each venue wove a bit of its own spirit into the fabric. The National Games is everything AYSO: they reflect the excellence, tradition and spirit of our players, volunteers, spectators and philosophies. Let the Games continue! 

The National Games Lottery took place at the NAGM in Washington DC on Sunday May 26th. The teams that have been selected through the lottery have been announced. Click the following link to see if your region received an invite for the 2014 National Games in California http://apps.ayso.org/ng/lotteryinfo.php All selected teams will get an information packet shortly. The 2014 AYSO National Games will be played in Torrance and Riverside California from June 29, 2014 through July 6, 2014. Detailed information about the tournament can be reviewed on the AYSO National Website www.ayso.org . Congratulations to all teams which have been selected from our section.

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