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Historical Events for June 1964


1st - Kenya becomes a republic and Jomo Kenyatta its President
2nd - "Follies Bergere" opens at  Broadway Theater  NYC for 191 performances
2nd - Lal Bahadur Sjastri elected premier of India
2nd - Rolling Stones 1st US concert tour debuts in Lynn, Mass
3rd - Ringo Starr collapses from tonsillitis & pharyngitis
3rd - Rolling Stones begin 1st US tour (with Bobby Goldsboro & Bobby Vee)
4th - Beatles "World Tour" begins in Copenhagen Denmark
4th - LA Dodger Sandy Koufax 3rd no-hitter beats Phil Phillies, 3-0
4th - Maldives adopts constitution
4th - Test Cricket debut of Geoff Boycott v Australia at Trent Bridge, 48
5th - Davie Jones & King Bees debut "I Can't Help Thinking About Me"; group disbands but Davie Jones goes on to success as David Bowie
6th - 96th  Belmont : Manuel Ycaza aboard Quadrangle wins in 2:28.6
6th - Beatles arrive in Netherlands
6th - Under a temporary order, the rocket launches at Cuxhaven, Germany, are terminated, though they never  resume .
7th - Beatles travel canals of Amsterdam
9th - Jack Nicklaus wins British Open golf tournament
10th - Rolling Stones record their 12x5 album at Chess Studios in Chicago
10th - Southern filibuster on civil rights bill ends; cloture invoked
11th - Chicago police break up Rolling Stones press conference
Golfer Jack NicklausGolfer Jack Nicklaus11th - Manfred Mann record Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do
11th - Queen Elizabeth orders Beatles to her birthday party, they attend
11th - West Germany seeks talks with Czechoslovakia
12th - Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison in South Africa
13th - Basil Heatley runs world record marathon (2:13:55)
14th - Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
15th - Last French troops leave Algeria
16th - Amnesty granted to 3,000 political prisoners
16th - Quake strikes Niigata Japan
18th - African Groundnut Council forms in Dakar
19th - Bob Dylan completes UK tour
19th - Cambuur Leeuwarden BVO soccer team forms in Leeuwarden
19th - Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes 73-27
20th - 64th US Golf Open: Ken Venturi shoots a 278 at Congressional CC MD
21st - Beckwith arrested for murder of Medger Evers,  found  guilty 30 yr later
Singer-Songwriter Bob DylanSinger-Songwriter Bob Dylan21st - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Lady Carling Eastern Golf Open
21st - Phillies Jim Bunning pitches perfect game (Mets) on Fathers day, in 2nd game of DH, Mets get 3 hits, 3 being fewest hits in NL DH
21st - Three civil  rights workers , Michael H Schwerner, Andrew Goodman & James E Chane, disappeared after release from a Mississippi jail
23rd - Gen  Maxwell  Taylor appointed US ambassador in South Vietnam
24th - FTC rules health warnings must appear on all cigarette packages
25th - Prince A Taylor becomes 1st black methodist bishop (NJ)
25th - WMCA (NYC) plays Beatles' Hard Days Night Album (10 days prior to its scheduled release date), they decide to release it June 26th
26th - Beatles release "A Hard Day's Night" album
26th - Blacks & Whites riot over racial segregation in St Augustine
26th - Moise Tsjombe forms government in Congo
27th - "New Phil Silvers Show," last airs on CBS-TV
27th - "Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)" by Die Beatles peaks at #97
27th - Jan & Dean release "Little Old Lady From Pasadena"
28th - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Waldemar Golf Open
28th - Organization for Afo-American Unity formed in NY by Malcolm X
African American Activist Malcolm XAfrican American ActivistMalcolm X29th - 1st draft of Star Trek's pilot "Cage" released
29th - Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed after 83-day filibuster in Senate
30th - Centaur 3 launch vehicle fails to make Earth orbit
30th - Last UN troops leave Congo

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