AYSO Webinar Schedule For Volunteer Staff Certification

 AYSO offers many webinars which a volunteer can take in order to become certified to hold specific positions on regional, area and section boards. Each year, all volunteers must register at www.eayso.org . In addition, each volunteer must be certified in Safe Haven (this only has to be taken once). Safe Haven certification can be obtained in an online course Webinar. Finally, the volunteer needs to be certified in their position by taking an in-person class or webinar.


Upcoming webinars are as follows (please click the position you are looking for. This link will bring you to a page indicating the dates and times of the webinars as well as a link to register for the webinar)


Registrar                     http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/registrar.htm#.UtIIovRDupo


Treasurer                    http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/treasurer.htm#.UtIJGfRDupo


Safety Director           http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/safety_director.htm#.UtIJfvRDupo


CVPA                         http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/cvpa.htm#.UtIJtPRDupo


Referee Administrator http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/referee_administrator.htm#.UtIJ5vRDupo


Coach Administrator http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/coach_administrator.htm#.UtIKFPRDupo


EAYSO (Multiple Modules) http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/eayso.htm#.UtIKTfRDupo


Division Coordinator  http://www.ayso.org/training/webinars/division_coordinator.htm#.UtIKfPRDupo








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